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Take My Hand Walk With Me

And you shall know the truth (page 155)

My Dream (page 48)

This is my dream

To see swords made into plowshares

To see the lion lie down with the lamb

To see drug dealers weeping

For the lives they have taken

To see their customers ask forgiveness

For the life they have wasted

To live in the inner city

With no sound of police

Domestic violence

Cries of a neglected child

To see play grounds clean

And filled with children at play

To walk the streets

With no fear of stray bullets

To see hand guns melted down

To create life affirming art

This is my dream

That blackmen/ blackwomen

Love one another

More than cars

More than houses

More than jewelry

More than jobs

More than social positions

More than money

That black peoples

Live in peace and love

As the lion shall do with the lamb

This is my dream

To the Beat (page 95)

Ignorance is Bliss (page 160)

Let us dance in the night

Beneath a moonless sky

Blind to the world

Near the edge of the pit

Let the music rage

Fill our hearts and souls

As we dance violently

Near the edge of the pit

Echoes call out to us

“Watch your step, watch your step”

Disembodied voices saying nothing worth while

As we dance in time near the edge of the pit

What joy it is to be free

Twirling, twirling in the darkened sky

Free of the cares of the world

Slipping unnoticed into the pit of oblivion

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