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Here at UniqueVerses Publishing in District Heights, MD, my goal is to help people be in touch with their spiritual and rational life. I strive to inspire people through the works I publish. Below are samples of insightful essays written by poet and essayist 

Rickey K. Hood. 

Take My Hand, Walk With Me

And you shall know the truth

Incomprehensible Concepts

Incomprehensible concepts

Develop for the docile mind

Ask questions, seek answers

Knock over ancient beliefs

To see what you can find

Popular men of enduring fame

They’re call God’s chosen

Saints/ Prophets/ Messengers/ God incarnate


We line them up to our like or dislike

And to them we pledge our


We must take from them their concepts of God

Living according to their truths

As they see it

Or be threatened with damnation

Living in fear of hellish whips

Because of the way another may see it

A loving God who tortures His worshiper

Is a contradiction to me?

A Merciful God who shows no mercy

Is a curiosity to see?

There must be more to the message sent

To make sense of these

Incomprehensible concepts

Ignorance is bliss but knowledge is burdensome

Let us dance in the night

Beneath a moonless sky

Blind to the world

Near the edge of the pit

Let the music rage

Fill our hearts and souls

As we dance violently

Near the edge of the pit

Echoes call out to us

“Watch your step, watch your step”

Disembodied voices saying nothing worth while

As we dance in time near the edge of the pit

What joy it is to be free

Twirling, twirling in the darkened sky

Free of the cares of the world

Slipping unnoticed into the pit of oblivion

To the Beat

The Poet

I’m not here to entertain
You’ve been entertained
I’m here to shake you up,
Make you worry, make you think
Make you work

If you want the truth
Your eyes
Your ears
Your mind
The poet

It’s a message
To the blackman
A message to the whiteman
It’s a message to the yellowman
A message to the brownman
It’s a message to the gayman
A message to the strightman
It’s a message for all my sisters

To the poet
I speak the truth
I create conflict
I provoke insight
Incite revolution,
Ask… Mazen Maarouf*

The poet
Opens doors to dark house
Turns on every light
So all may see
Pretty pictures/ hung crooked
Hand-made rugs/ on un-swept floors
Polished bathrooms/ with stains in toilets
Trash. Trash. Trash.

Sing. Sing. Sing.
America the beautiful
The poet sees
You haven’t washed
The bodies of native-Americans
Still Stuck to your boots
Blood of African-American
Dripping from your grip

America the free
The smiles on your faces
Comfort not/not one/ right
Is equal to another
For black folks/ poor white folks
For brown folks/ justice is 
Expensive/ injustice is the [plea] bargain

For American civil rights for her human rights
Like the grins
On her two faces… ask the family victims 
Of Stand your ground laws and the killer cops.

Sing. Sing. Sing.
America the beautiful
Beautiful America 
To you 
I sing
Hear the word of the poet I’m not here to entertain
You’ve been entertained

*Mazen Maarouf: Palestinian poet Mazen Maarouf was raised in Lebanon and recently forced into a double exile in Iceland after criticising the Syrian regime.