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"Verily! Allah commands that you should

render back the trust to those to whom

they are due…" Surah 4:58.

No trust no faith. Imagine yourself standing on top of a bench with arms folded and your eyes shut. A group of people standing behind you urging you to fall backward and that they'll catch you. The feeling of anxiety starts to surge through your stomach; your heart begins pumping fast and sweat spring off your face in little-wet balls. A voice in your head is telling you to trust them; another voice is saying "forget it! No way." Like a fork in a road, you find yourself being split in half, but you can only choose one way to go. A decision must be made; trust or no trust? Begin with trust. Without trust, you will fail. Where there is no trust one will find the effects of doubt, suspicion, uncertainty, mistrust. If you submit yourself to God as a Muslim then you must trust Allah. You must trust him through the difficulties in life, and the good times in life. You must trust Allah in all areas of life, good and bad. Allah will guide you, comfort you and protect you when you trust him in all things.

Think to yourself in times of decision, "I will trust God and I will fall backward into His strong loving arms." Trust.


Step one:

Love thyself

Know thyself

Be thyself

Forgive thyself

Seek thyself

Find thyself

Battle thyself

Comfort thyself

Make peace with thyself

Bring out the God in thyself

Step two:

Love others/ as thyself

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