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Sample Works of poetry

Here at UniqueVerses Publishing in District Heights, MD, my goal is to help people be in touch with their spiritual and rational life. I strive to inspire people through the works I publish. Below are samples of insightful poems written by poet and essayist 

Rickey K. Hood. 

In a little corner of my mind

Deep in a hidden place of my mind

A little child resides

Alone and fatherless

Lost in a world that’s dark and cries

Little boy afraid to live

Afraid to die

Dwells in a little corner of my mind

“Cry baby, cry”

Mama’s goin’ wipe those tears away

As always

You fatherless child

Come rock in Mama’s arms

Grow to be a man

I’ll take care of you

As always

You fatherless boy

In the world

A child in a man’s mind

Don’t know how to live

Just waitin’ to die

Cry baby, cry

You fatherless child

Deep in a little corner of my mind


The sky above me was thick

Someone had knocked over an inkwell

Dying the clouds black

Ocean swells were high as towers

In the horizon/ lighting set the atmosphere ablaze

Surface beneath me/ danced a pagan dance

Faster/ faster/ faster/ I can’t keep up!

A tempest ensued

As the sky emptied thick black drops

Pouring down on my little boat

Adrift in the mist

Blown about by tantrums of the gods

Then/ I saw him/ strolling by

Walking the waves

Like a Californian native

I yelled out to him/ but the winds carried my words away

Then/ he noticed me

Looking at me/ smiling

And said… Nothing

No/ “peace”

No/ “be still”/ Nothing!

My little boat was sucked into a funnel

I was embraced by sweat and dread

A soaped-up engine pounded in my chest

And just before the frantic banging caused my heart to stop…

I woke up.

Face Of God

Man peers out in the void seeking marvels beyond comprehension

Of time, space, and energy that is the universe
Of galaxies born and destroyed
Man’s technology lands on neighboring worlds
As voyager glides from out of our solar system, taking snap
Shots of the blue star called Earth

His vision moves into the universe to find the face of God
And in all of his seeking, he has only found more to seek
More incomprehensible marvels to comprehend
Not knowing the knowledge that man understands
Is only a grain of sand on the beach
A drop of water in the ocean

And God laughs
At the arrogance of man, and says,
“Wait till he sees me”

And on that day
man shall see the face of God
Not as Michael Angelo’s old man on a throne
But as the true reality
Made manifest… Everywhere


I Saw It Filled with Roses and Butterflies

"I saw it filled with roses and butterflies"

the poet wrote

while sitting on the patio of her suburban ranch

looking out over her garden

She writes laments over her favorite

coffee cup/ the ridge chipped/ handle now broken

and she worries/ if coffee drinking

will ever be the same again

She documents the lines on her face

watching as they intersect

and deepen/ each day noticing a new line

writing panic poetic introspective

on her aging face

She notices/ the sweet texture of chocolate

adhering to her fingers

and she writes of its finite

yet/ necessary existence

and I

a poet myself/ read

her verses of polished and tainted metaphors

and wonder what life is like in a suburban ranch

locked behind high fences and security systems

while I live in the world of shots in the dark

and freshly freed convicts living

next door and down the street

turning my street corner into a cell block

I don't have time for a favorite coffee cup

and the lines of time on my face are welcomed

there is no preference of gourmet assorted chocolates

But/ I do have dreams

of fields filled with roses and butterflies

Yesterday’s Love 

“I’d love you forever” we told each other/ yesterday
The memories of us together
The movies/ dinners
Our intimacies
Yes/ I thought you’d love me forever
As Juliet/ Delilah/ as Medea
Loved their loves/ and you did

Yesterday/ I spoke your name aloud
And heard it recited on the ether
Its echoes drumming against
The membrane of time
And I remembered when I loved you
As Romeo/ Samson/ as Jason
Loved their loves/ and I did

You held my heart in your chest
We lived as one/ one pulse/ one beat
I loved you/ as I knew you loved me

But sometime late in the day/ yesterday
I no longer felt your heart/ your pulse/ your beat
I heard your voice/ speaking to me from far away
And I noticed your name no longer kissing my mouth
And I missed it

It is today/ and yesterday is nothing but
Memories/Echoes/ Shades
As much as I loved you/ yesterday/ and I did love you
Yesterday is gone/ Gone/ and not coming back.


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