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In Due Season: 
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Face of God

Man peers out in the void seeking marvels beyond comprehension

Of time, space, and energy that is the universe
Of galaxies born and destroyed
Man’s technology lands on neighboring worlds
As voyager glides from out of our solar system, taking snap
Shots of the blue star called Earth

His vision moves into the universe to find the face of God
And in all of his seeking, he has only found more to seek
More incomprehensible marvels to comprehend
Not knowing the knowledge that man understands
Is only a grain of sand on the beach
A drop of water in the ocean

And God laughs
At the arrogance of man, and says,
“Wait till he sees me”

And on that day
man shall see the face of God
Not as Michael Angelo’s old man on a throne
But as the true reality
Made manifest… Everywhere

Quest for God,
A Religious Journey

As years usually do, Tony and I eventually drifted apart. He settled down under the teachings of a former mental health patient, and self-proclaimed prophetess by the name of E. Pinnyston. For some reason, he began to feed off every word that came from her lips. True to the spirit of the 1980’s, Pinnyston always gave ambiguous end-time prophecies that could be applied to just about any disaster that commonly happens on the planet. On the rare occasion when she goes out on a limb and prophesied something specific, somehow this event never has a timetable and can happen any time between now or a thousand years from now. I told Tony my concerns about her prophetic powers but that only seemed to strengthen his faith in her the more. He soon became consumed with seeing the unseen. This search for seeing the spiritual realm filled his imagination and Prophetess Pinnyston only fueled this passion with her testimonials of doing battle with demons. Tony began talking about spirits coming to see him at night in his room, they took the form of children, and specters made of shadows or balls of light hovering in a corner of his room. He started recounting his spiritual battles of when he’s attacked in his bed by demons and saw the look of skepticism in my eyes. I interpreted his encounters back to him as a result of a possible over active imagination, hallucinations, or just vivid nightmares. I told him I saw nothing supernatural in his encounters. That only widened the rift that was forming in our relationship. I saw the Prophetess as a threat to my friend’s mental health and Tony refused to hear any criticism about her, so we parted ways. He settled firmly down under the teachings of his spiritual guru and I, on the other hand, continued to seek after deeper spiritual and worldly understandings that lead me ultimately into the arms of a cult...

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