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A collection of selected poems
from 1995 to 2018.


Give me water

To ease my thrust

Fresh, cool, life-giving water

Pulled up from the deep well.

Give me water from the cursed ground

The hated ground, the spat on ground

Abused and misused ground

Throw the bucket in there, fill it up

Give me water that rains from on high

Living water that resurrects the earth

That brings forth the harvest

That refreshes the soul

I say again, “Give me water”

That I may bathe and baptize

Splash and play and be renewed

With every drawing from the well

In Due Season: A Collection of Poetry and Prose 

Yesterday’s Love 

“I’d love you forever” we told each other/ yesterday
The memories of us together
The movies/ dinners
Our intimacies
Yes/ I thought you’d love me forever 
As Juliet/ Delilah/ as Medea
Loved their loves/ and you did

Yesterday/ I spoke your name aloud
And heard it recited on the ether
Its echoes drumming against
The membrane of time
And I remembered when I loved you
As Romeo/ Samson/ as Jason
Loved their loves/ and I did

You held my heart in your chest
We lived as one/ one pulse/ one beat
I loved you/ as I knew you loved me

But sometime late in the day/ yesterday
I no longer felt your heart/ your pulse/ your beat
I heard your voice/ speaking to me from far away
And I noticed your name no longer kissing my mouth
And I missed it

It is today/ and yesterday is nothing but 
Memories/Echoes/ Shades
As much as I loved you/ yesterday/ and I did love you
Yesterday is gone/ Gone/ and not coming back.

A 31 day devotional of reflections praises in poetry from an Islamic perspective



"The Lord of the heavens and earth and all

that is between them, if you (but) have faith

with certainty." Surah 44:7.

Faith is like the sun; there are days when one wakes up with faith brightly shining, a perfect day when nothing will seem to go wrong, but slowly and quietly clouds of life's realities begins rolling in and weaken the bright intensity of faith. The day becomes gloomy, dim and the light slowly fade. Later the wind and rain of hardships begin to pour down. Where then is the faith you begin with? Have the uncertainties of life taken it away? No, faith is there if you believe in Allah, bright and shining as ever. Faith is above the clouds, above the hardships above the storm as it rages. It rest and resides securely in the abode of the knowledge of God and His love for us. Faith shines knowing that Allah is always there.

What people have said:
"Hi Rickey,
I received your beautiful book today. Just started reading your poems. So far so very good, you have grown into your truth. Your writing is an excellent rendering of heartfelt warmth. Thank you for the experience!

“…u’ve got the gift 2

Gab, like Shakespeare, but black.”

Das bruce

"…you have become one of my favorite poets on here. I don’t Say that a lot. You have a touch for seeing into people insides just by the lines in their faces.


"This is a powerful and insightful write. You give people a lot to think about in this writing. I am thoroughly impressed.


LOVE is Love...

About the Author 
Rickey K. Hood

Born in Charlotte, NC, Rickey K. Hood is proud to be a native of the Queen City.  He is an award-winning poet as well as an essayist, playwright and performer whose works have been featured in various national and international publications. He has also written and produced a play performed at the Smithsonian Institution Anacostia Museum (And Still I Rise, the life and poetry of Maya Angelou).

He has written and performed original work for the Smithsonian Institution and has taught poetry lectures for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public libraries and Central Piedmont Community College.

Mr. Hood has been published in many anthologies such as Journey to Timbooktu, edited by Memphis Vaughan Jr.; Our Truth by Dr. Uplift; Main Street Rag, volume 6 #1; and Humanities in the South, Journal of the Southern Humanities Council #89.  And magazines like: Key Stone 1997 Central Piedmont Community College student arts publication; Six issues of AMAG, INC. Awareness Magazine; and a former journalist for the Black Reign News. He has also been honored in the Marquis: Who’s Who in America 2001 and 2002 editions.

He received his Bachelors of Arts degree in Religious Studies at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his Associate in Arts degree of Central Piedmont Community College. He furthered his studies and attained several certifications in Islamic studies from Islamic Online University. He currently lives in the Washington D.C Metro Area.

Big Woo Radio Interview, featuring Poet Rickey K. Hood

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